Amidst the once in-a-century major transformation of the automobile industry, we will do our best to address the challenges with the keywords of CASE and management.

“Creating added value” by leveraging the “strengths” of Anjima Trading Co., Ltd.

What is Yasujima Trading Co., Ltd.?

We are a company that leverages our strengths in the automotive industry, management know-how, and global reach to make the most of our company's strengths and management resources by properly understanding customer needs and proposing solutions.


Business content

Automotive industry consultant (automotive industry consultant)


EV, FCV, and CASE perspectives in the automobile industry.

We provide knowledge to companies regarding driver shortage logistics.

We also undertake various surveys related to the automobile industry. 

business consultant


We provide management consulting using the Toyota Production System. 

We are working to resolve social issues and contribute to local communities through compliance and environmental conservation activities, which are our obligations as a corporate company.