Percentage by client industry

Currently, many of our business partners are major companies, but we respond to the needs of a variety of companies, regardless of industry or type of business, regardless of the automobile industry.

Business partner breakdown

・Medical 2% ・Transportation equipment 4% ・Electricity and gas 2% ・Transportation related 2% ・Information and communications 14% ・General trading companies 5% ・Banks 5%

・Other finance 9% ・Strategy general consulting 57%

Our company has a high degree of expertise in the "automotive industry centered on commercial vehicles," and the highest percentage of business partners are strategy/general consulting companies, accounting for 57%. We believe that this reflects the fact that these strategic and general consultants need our expertise specialized in the automobile industry. I think this is a sign that our company's technological capabilities are higher than those of the industry.


In addition, banks and other financial business partners account for 14%, and major general trading companies account for 5%.


Perhaps due to the increasing demand for DX and connected services, the percentage of information and communications business partners is also high at 14%.