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As of February 14, 2021 

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Automotive industry consultant (automotive industry consultant)

It is said that the automobile industry is currently undergoing a once-in-a-century period of transformation.

As these changes occur, it is necessary to understand the current situation in a broad sense, including domestic, European, American, Chinese, and Korean automobile manufacturers, domestic small automobile OEMs, and global suppliers, sales, maintenance, and logistics.


With CASE as the key, we plan the future of EV/FCV conversion to 2030, provide qualified consultants and advice to domestic and overseas clients, and solve problems using our global network. We are working on a solution.

Since the establishment of the company, in addition to our function as a management consultant, we currently receive requests for consultation an average of 10 times a month as a consultant for the automobile industry, mainly commercial vehicles.



We receive a variety of requests from our business partners, including domestic and international strategy and comprehensive consulting companies, major banks, major used car companies, DX consulting companies, parts suppliers, and body manufacturers. 


Experience from previous job of CEO


1) Region with experience

①Secondment to a local subsidiary in Europe (Belgium)

② Stationed in three countries in Central and South America (Costa Rica, Chile, Guatemala)

③Tokyo Head Office: When working at Hino Motors Co., Ltd.

(Responsible for over 50 countries/regions in total, including the Americas, Asia, Europe, and North Africa)

2) Roles with experience

①Head office functional area

Product development/Product planning/Production/Vehicle testing/Procurement support/Quality assurance


②Overseas and domestic business areas

Marketing/vehicle sales/after-sales service/supply parts/overseas production/logistics cost reduction/improving dealership management/launching a sales agency (Russia/Korea)



③ Transferred to Belgium (Service Manager)

Survey of European competitors (vehicles), parts procurement from Germany, development of sales agents in Europe and North Africa (sales, service, spare parts)


 Relevant qualifications held by the representative

・Vocational training instructor (automobile maintenance department) No. 3437

・Automobile mechanic 2nd grade (gasoline/diesel)

・Large 2nd class license ・2nd class traction license ・Large special license ・Large motorcycle license


Incorporated association and qualifications to which the representative belongs

・Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan: Member




Consulting fee:


Consultation (spot): 70,000 JPY/1 hour (tax included) ~

Please contact us separately if it is a project type.

For consultation details, fees, etc., please first contact us using the inquiry form.


April 1, 2022

In 1991, in Nicaragua, Central America, right after the civil war, we started by instructing people to assemble trucks on-site from a burnt-out, empty place, gathering staff to become assemblers, and we created assembly work instructions so that anyone could assemble them. Standardization has been achieved.

This is the result of staying for a week once a month for nearly a year.


Furthermore, given the low literacy rate, it was very impressive that they tried to avoid writing explanations in Spanish or other languages in the work manual, instead using illustrations.

Driving test after transmission repair of Nissan R35GTR. Engine braking is not performed due to sudden downshifts, and deceleration is mainly performed using the foot brake. Still, the maximum speed in a straight line is 280/Km (at Fuji Speedway)


Our consulting services for the automobile industry are based on our knowledge and a variety of combined experiences.