Message from CEO

<Greetings from the representative director>


Currently, technologies such as AI, IoT, and data transformation are undergoing rapid changes in the industrial world, and the automobile industry is facing a time of major structural changes, such as the challenge of CASE based on 2030. The business environment surrounding companies is changing significantly.


We view this environmental change as both a risk and a once-in-a-century opportunity for change, and we intend to use new ideas and action to create a new business model that is more suited to society.


On the other hand, without forgetting our basic ideas: local, genchi, team power, and persistent never giving up, we will work together as one to create new value and contribute to the creation of a prosperous society. We aim to be a contributing company.


October 1, 2022


Tsunetaka Yasujima

Profile of Representative

Born November 6, 1963 in Ome City, Tokyo


Graduated from Tokyo Metropolitan Minamitama High School (1981)


Worked at Hino Motors Co., Ltd. and worked both domestically and overseas. April 1980 to March 2016 (34 years)

Hino Motors Hamura Factory April 1980 - March 1989 (7 years)


Acquired "Toyota style improvement method and Toyota Production System" at Toyota car production department.


Hino Motors Overseas Sales Division March 1989 - March 2016 (27 years)



Experienced in overseas business such as sales of trucks (durable consumer goods). 

- Stationed or seconded to Costa Rica, Chile, Guatemala, and Belgium.


In addition to his postings, he has experience in East Asia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, North Africa, Central and South America, and the Caribbean.

At Hino Motors' subsidiary in Belgium, in addition to working as a service manager, he was also responsible for researching European companies (cars) and sourcing parts from Germany.


Being stationed or seconded overseas in the automobile industry requires various skills such as marketing, after-sales, quality and technology issues, production, parts procurement, management of spare parts depots, product planning, etc., and management guidance for sales agents. He is a so-called "multi-skilled worker."


I would like to look at things in different ways without being bound by common sense. Also, I would like to encourage mutual recognition of various values.


I would like to continue my work without giving up, like ``searching for the one pachinko ball that was dropped into Tokyo Dome.''

Dump truck in the Atacama Desert photographed while stationed in Chile, South America

Seminar results

“Learning from problem cases: ``Future PDCA management'' ~ Aggressive management ~''

“Toyota style problem solving and improvement activities”

"Productivity analysis and improvement"

"Work efficiency analysis and improvement"

“Experience gained from global business”

Other technical training related to the automobile industry


Experiential seminars learned from global business

Productivity analysis and improvement training

Truck technical training for Iraqi government staff