<Corporate philosophy>

-Corporate mission-

We protect our precious earth and contribute to creating a future full of dreams for the people who live there.

 <Thoughts put into our corporate philosophy>


Global warming is currently being talked about, and CO2 emitted by the automobile industry, including automobiles, is becoming a major problem, and the gap between rich and poor is expected to widen further in the future. Furthermore, if we look at the number of traffic accidents on a global level, there are still a lot of them.


At our company, we would like to contribute to "the environment, the eradication of traffic accidents, and the reduction of the gap between rich and poor" through the mobility of automobiles and corporate management.

To achieve this, we would like to listen carefully to our customers' voices and provide them with the best knowledge and services possible.

<Three Actual Principles that serve as the basis for fulfilling the corporate mission>

We place emphasis on the three "actualities" of "on-site," "genbutsu," and "reality," and we place importance on actually observing the actual site, not on a desk, and understanding the reality before attempting to solve problems. 

In order to learn about the automobile industry, OEMs, and their car models, I think it is necessary not only to drive them, but also to know the quality and system of services and spare parts.

From there, you can see various things in the development process, such as parts procurement, costs, and production.


The same goes for all management, and we place great importance on confirming things on-site rather than just thinking on paper.