Customer's voice

Project manager at a strategic consulting firm



This time, we participated in each DX-related project on a spot-by-spot basis. I myself have been involved in promoting projects related to the automobile industry for over 15 years, so I thought I knew quite a bit about the industry, but since I have long experience in the field, I have been familiar with the dealerships of domestic and foreign automobile manufacturers. He also knew in detail how we sell passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and service and maintenance. Thanks to all of you, this project went well.

Manager of a certain auto parts manufacturer (SupplierTire2)


As the electrification of automobiles progresses, we consulted on the future survival of metal parts. Although our parts are used in EV cars, there were many concerns about their survival considering future OEM and Tire 1 trends. I would like to thank you for taking into account not only the current state of global capital and business alliances in the automobile industry, but also the lineage of parts suppliers, and for giving me advice on selecting parts for the transition to EVs and FCVs.

Certain bank corporate sales group


This time, we will look at the entire global commercial vehicle industry and its correlations. We talked about future movements, including electrification. Even though we don't know much about cars, the technical details were explained carefully and in a way that we could understand. Thanks to your help, I was able to successfully complete this investigation.

Production department manager of a certain parts manufacturer



I attended a seminar and was taught how to quantify and manage things like productivity and work efficiency.I went back to work and put it into practice, and the results have been very good. Also, when I asked a question during the seminar about ``staff motivation,'' which was outside the scope of the seminar, he kindly answered based on his experience. In the future, if I am unable to resolve a problem at work on my own, I would like to ask for help as a management consultant.