Overview of main projects that can be handled as an automobile industry/automotive industry consultant

EV/FCV conversion

・Global OEMs and market trends regarding the conversion of commercial vehicles to EVs and FCVs

・Changes in parts, materials, and supply chains related to the conversion of commercial vehicles to EVs and FCVs

・Future internal combustion engines (gasoline/diesel engines) in the automobile industry

・Forecast of EV/FCV conversion in each country

Automotive/Commercial Vehicle OEM Management Strategy

・Compatible with CASE for commercial vehicle OEMs

・Automotive OEM management/marketing strategy

・Structure of the automobile industry (trends, major players, value chain)

・Overview of product development, production, and sales for automobile OEMs



carbon neutral

・Car OEM carbon neutral response (supply chain emissions calculation: Scope 1 to 3)



Automobile sales and maintenance business

・Current status and future of automobile sales and maintenance business

・Future of automobile maintenance and old car market (utilization of mechanics, spare parts, 3D printers)



commercial vehicle bodywork

・Commercial vehicle OEM and bodywork manufacturer




・Use of vehicle ECU data (connected)

・ICT services for commercial vehicles/vehicle remote monitoring (connected)

・Utilization of commercial vehicle OBD

car export

・Regarding automobile export business

・Automobile markets in East Asia, Central and South America, etc.



Commercial vehicle leasing/sharing

・Automobile lease (including maintenance lease)




・Meeting the shortage of truck drivers in 2024

・Current status of development of autonomous truck driving




Japan is currently conducting demonstration experiments on unmanned platooning with following vehicles. The Japanese standard for this technology has been recognized as a global standard.

autonomous driving technology 


*Excerpt from materials from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism